Our explanation of Ordering, Delivery, Returns and Your Privacy.

Terms and Conditions of Sale Etc.


All of our Historical Footwear is made to 17thC patterns of footwear (or our own interpretations of 17thC footwear) that was available at the time. There are obviously 21st Century materials used in the construction of the shoes. These are machine made shoes which enable pricing to be kept at an affordable level.

Please remember that these shoes are 'Straight Lasted', i.e. that when initially bought there are no left or right handed shoes, they are literally able to fit on either foot, this can change over a period of time when your shoes mould to your feet.

Straight Lasted Shoes do mean that in some cases they are large than normal 21st Century 'High Street' shoes.

We would state that in 70-90% of cases the buyer who can try the shoes often may take a size smaller than there normal footwear size. Please take into consideration when purchasing this and also any difference in shape to your feet that may then negate the above statement  (i.e high instep, very wide feet etc.), If in doubt please ask before ordering. (See Returns below).


All UK Postage and Packing Fees represent payment for a 1st Class or Standard Parcel Post Office shipment rate. Delivery would be within 7-10 days of purchase payment as long as the product is in Stock, If in doubt please ask before Ordering.

If an order is placed that is not available from stock the client will be notified within 48 hours of order being placed and will have the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund or to await new stock which can be up to 6 weeks.

For Overseas Delivery Please allow 7-28 days if product is in stock, if not then the above 'option to cancel' would apply.


Our returns policy is in place to protect you the customer. Historical Footwear manufacture footwear which is for everyday use. We guarantee the footwear to be free of visable defects when sold and up to a period of 30 days after. This is because due to the nature of re-enactment they go through a much harder use than normal footwear. Any manufacturing fault will come to light within 30 days and will be subject to a full refund of the purchase price excluding any postage fees.

We always offer a fitting service at our premises in Oxfordshire or at Sealed Knot events that we choose to attend. If you purchase shoes through the internet and they do not fit, you are entitled to change them for another pair as long as there are no usage marks on them, always initially try them on on  a soft dry surface such as a room carpet. The postage costs are non returnable and so this means that if the shoes do not fit then you would be liable to pay for the return of the non fitting pair and re posting back to you of a new pair.

It is always easier to try them on before purchasing if you get the chance.

Privacy Policy

Historical footwear hereby guarantee never to divulge or share customers or potential customers personal details or any other details with any 3rd party whoever that may be.