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For your info there have been some cheaper reenactors footwear coming onto the market, these are mainly Laminated leather uppers made from split Leather which is embossed with grain and cheaper but will definitely not last as long as full grain original hide Leather.
Historical Footwear have only ever used Full Grain Leather on their footwear.


Bucket Top Boots £120 + £0 p&p,

Soldiers Shoes and Latchets £65 + £0 p&p,

Start Ups £110 + £0 p&p

and Soldiers Boots £90 + £0 p&p.

Please Contact us direct to order at these prices on the email address below.
Paypal payment can be made for these prices but must be made payable on paypal to the email address


Historical Footwear Ltd, has been run by Soame Family for the last 28 years. Gary has been a reenactor of the 17th Century Period with The Sealed Knot Society for the last 30 Years.
We are very happy to be able to offer our products via this website where you can contact us personally with any questions.

If you are a regular internet buyer you may well have an online 'Paypal' account which you can use here to pay for your footwear.
Wholesale enquiries are always welcome. We offer a tiered discount for orders over 10 and 25 pairs,please contact us for any information.

Historical Footwear, 35 High Street, Standlake, Witney, Oxon, OX297RH.

We are available by email and between the uk hours of 9am and 5pm
Mobile: 07850 334326.


Historical Footwear is a trading name of Soame Trading Ltd.